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Here you will find info on how to Support Us if you are an audience member or Collaborate with us if you are an artists (or both if you're keen!)


The Tamarama Rock Surfers can offer tax receipts to anyone who donates to our worthy cause.

We are currently looking for generous supporters to help us sustain TRS’s annual operations. Every donation helps to keep the venue alive so new writing can be produced in Sydney! Donations up to $100 will contribute to the day-to-day running of the company, donations up to $1000 could buy us some new lights, donations over $1000 can help with much needed repairs to the building. Exactly how much you want to help is entirely up to you!

Please contact admin {@} rocksurfers dot org
Or 9380 5553 to arrange donations.

Thank-you for supporting independent theatre in Sydney!!


TRS has opened an Artist Register:

All theatre artists are welcome to send their abridged CVs to TRS to keep on file.

We welcome CVs from all artists:
From Students to Graduates, both Represented and Freelance.

In high demand:
Lighting Designers
Set Designers
Costume Designers
Stage Managers
Production Managers

Send your abridged CV (and a small headshot if you are an actor) to - admin at rocksurfers dot org with the subject line

Artist Register - (Your Name)- (Your Craft)

We cannot, of course, guarantee work - but we will keep registered artists' names on file for at least 18 months. We also recommend you join our mailing list for regular updates.