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The Bullshit Artists (February 3rd - 28th, 2009)

By TRS Theatre - Posted on 27 August 2008


By Adam Brace

"Art is what you can get away with" said Andy Warhol - and conceptual artists Leopold and Loeb (no relation) have a schtick that's been making them millions. Their latest "work" is to commission a sculpture from a fallen star of the art world with the intent of smashing it to pieces. While the artist toils at the behest of his nymphomaniac manager/wife, idealistic young Nat enters the frame. Nat may be the artist's muse, his subject or his saviour, but Leopold, Loeb, the art market and the aesthetics of violence each have their own demands to make of her.


A riveting and visceral black comedy from Adam Brace, Britain's hottest young playwright, writer of Stovepipe at the National Theatre.

Cast and Crew

Produced by The Gemeinshaft Dogs and Queensize Productions
Directed by Tanya Denny